Illustrious Sirs,

 I would like to start this, my first communication of this Triennium as Sovereign Grand                  Commander by saying thank you.  Thank you for a life time of brotherly friendship. And  thank      you for your vote of confidence in re-electing me to this station.  It is an especially  great honor  for  me to serve Freemasonry in this capacity.  In return of that confidence, I pledge to all the    members of the United Supreme Council, 33۫° of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of  Freemasonry, Prince Hall Affiliation, Southern Jurisdiction that I will do my  utmost to fulfill the  duties of Sovereign Grand Commander with respect for the members,  and an eye to the future. 

 As we look forward and plan for the future, it is useful to review where we have been, as well  as to  highlight some of the processes and decisions in our Order. 

 It is the responsibility of all brethren to carry on the ancient traditions of the Ancient &  Accepted  Scottish Rite.  It is our responsibility to bring in new, quality men.

Every new member should have a mentor to help him through the education process, through the degree work and organization, who acts as coach.  Mentoring will not only aid in Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite knowledge and understanding, it will hopefully develop life-long friendships and stronger consistories.



Illustrious Deary Vaughn, 33°
Sovereign Gran
d Commander

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